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The Big Bird Dog Contest!

The BIG Bird Dog Contest!

We have had an awesome time looking at all the Bird Dogs that have participated over the last few weeks! We have three Bird Dogs competing for the BIG Giveaway! 

1. Ellie the Boykin

2. Hank the Boykin

3. Hank the Boykin 

Here's how to help them win! We will post all three Bird Dogs on social media! Comment which Bird Dog you want to win. 1,2 or 3. Comment under the post. We will not count any votes that are sent through dm, email or tagged to our pages. Help their owners by sharing the post and tagging your friends to vote! You may vote on both FB and Insta. We will announce the winner on September 30th! 


 The winner will receive, one CB tee, one personalized bandana and be featured on a CB tee design! 

Please note... we do our very best to count up all the votes as accurately as possible. Any rude or ugly comments will be deleted ASAP.  We reserve the right to pick more than one winner. We also reserve the right to cancel this contest due to any negative comments. This contest has been created for fun and nothing else. 



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