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Bird Dog of the Week

We are so excited to announce our Bird Dog of the Week Contest!

Here's how to enter and participate.

1. Tag us in your post on instagram and #cbbirddogcontest.  Comment with your image, under our Bird Dog contest post, on Facebook. Post will be made on Friday morning. You can also email your image to  

2. All Bird Dogs will be shared every Tuesday. Find your Bird Dog in the post and comment "I want #(insert # of the Bird Dog you want to win) to be the CB Bird Dog of the week. WE WILL NOT COUNT A LIKED IMAGE AS A VOTE. YOU MUST COMMENT. You may vote twice. Once on FB and once on Insta.

3. Tag your family and friends and have them comment. Share on your FB page or share in your story.

4. The Bird Dog with the most comments (not likes) will be our Bird Dog of the Week! (PLEASE NOTE... We will do our very very best to count all the comments. We really appreciate your understanding and NOT getting upset if our count differs from yours. Any rude comments or negative behavior will be delete. ) 

5. Winner will be announced on Thursday! Winner will be featured as our Bird Dog of the week until the following Thursday! Winner will be featured on our page and our website. Contest will start again, for the next week, on Thursday. You may enter as may times as you like. Your Bird Dog can only win One time to be entered into the BIG Giveaway. 

6. We will have a BIG Bird Dog Giveaway at the end! Each Bird Dog of the week will be entered to win the Ultimate Bird Dog award! The winner will receive, one CB tee, one personalized bandana and be featured on a CB tee design! (We reserve the right to pick more than one winner for the BIG giveaway.)



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